Electrical Equipment


GCS accredited Electrical calibration laboratories throughout Riyadh and Dammam offer accredited electrical calibration services. We can calibrate a range of different electrical test equipment like Multimeter, AC/DC Voltage Source & Measure,Calibrator,Insulation Tester,Clamp Meter,Oscilloscopes,LCR Meter.

For high-voltage up to 150,000 V DC/AC and reference-level electrical DC/AC-LF laboratory standard capabilities. GCS also offers on-site calibration and in-process calibration services at your location, providing you with the same industry-leading quality standards – at our site or yours.

GCS has a comprehensive range of calibration services for meters and tester including calibration of multimeters and sensors, power supplies and transmitters. We also service various types of RF test equipment including oscilloscopes and scope-meters.

Our expansive scope of ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation covers our calibration capabilities for AC Resistance and Current, DC Resistance and Current, DC/AC-LF Voltage, LF Capacitance, LF Power/Energy,HF/UHV, RF/Microwave, and Luminance/Illuminance with a wide range of measurement parameters.

With true traceability to(SI) the International System of units through national institutes or accredited laboratories. Our capabilities exceed the most stringent quality requirements.