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ASP Keysight Laboratory

ASP Keysight Laboratory

Gulf Calibration Service (GCS) is constantly improving the quality of its services, striving for world standards. So, in 2022, Gulf Calibration Service (GCS) signed an agreement with Keysight Technologies, a world leader in the production of electronics test and measurement equipment and software as Authorized Service Provider of Keysight Technologies of GCC countries in order that GCS may professionally support our customers.

It means that GCS has all necessary technology to Provide the same level of Quality as Keysight.

ASP (Keysight) Laboratory provides follow services:


GCS provide Professional Diagnostic and Repair of equipment of Keysight Technologies using only original Spare Parts and procedures. After repair, all the necessary procedures for setting up and calibrating. So that you receive the equipment after repair as new from the factory. The term for the repair is 20 working days (after payment).


GCS provide Calibration according with Manufacture procedures, using Automatically Platform for making Calibration. We provide Full Cal/Full Spec for Keysight equipment. We provide full calibration/full specification for Keysight equipment. 100% of specifications and options will be checked for your confidence when using your equipment.


Calibration In GSC ASP (Keysight) Lab VS Competitors


Keysight’s instrument production process includes a complete series of adjustments to ensure optimal performance just prior to final test. In general, instruments tend to drift over time. A Periodic instrument calibration, including a measurement comparison with the published specifications, will ensure continued accurate measurements for all specified parameters.


GCS ASP (Keysight) Lab could professionally provide modification your equipment with all necessary procedures after modification. You may purchase upgrade and send to GCS for providing installation

Flowchart of GCS ASP (Keysight) Lab working.

Connecting with Keysight.

If the GCS ASP (Keysight) laboratory cannot provide a full professional service, we will ship your equipment directly to Keysight Technologies. To get the best service.


For additional information visit other Keysight Recourses:

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At Gulf Calibration Service (GCS), we are dedicated to providing our clients with world-class calibration, testing, repair, and inspection services for their test, measurement, and control equipment.

Our Calibration Services offer accredited calibration, traceable calibration, verification, and adjustment for high accuracy and advanced measuring equipment. We provide reliable and efficient testing services to keep your equipment functioning at optimal levels.

If you require calibration on your site, our On-Site Calibration Services can accommodate your needs, ensuring there will be minimal production shutdowns. We will travel to your location to perform calibration services for equipment that is too large or sensitive to be shipped.

We also provide Training Services, which include a variety of training courses in Calibration, Uncertainty, Quality, and more. These courses are designed to help learners gain new knowledge and skills to enhance their abilities and increase their value in the workplace.

Furthermore, GCS has the capability to perform highly advanced repairs on measuring equipment. Our team is an Authorized Service Provider for many well-known manufacturers around the world, ensuring that your equipment is in the most capable hands.

At GCS, we are committed to continuous improvement, delivering exceptional services to our clients. Our team of experts is dedicated to finding innovative solutions for all your calibration, testing, repair and inspection needs.

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