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 Since 1920, Snap-on has been the leader in the professional tool industry. Our products are universally recognized by professionals as the absolute highest quality available. Snap-on franchisees are in the enviable position of selling exclusive, premium products to their customers and carrying on a tradition of exc.

The Industry Leader: 

Headquartered in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Snap-on is a leading global developer, manufacturer and marketer of tool and equipment solutions for professional tool users. We have more than 65,000 SKUs in our product line, operate in more than 130 countries and employ approximately 12,600 people worldwide. Our global franchise network consists of more than 4,600 franchisees that is still growing thanks to our proven business model.

Snap-on Incorporated is a $3.7 billion, S&P 500 Company with a product line that includes high-quality hand tools and tool storage solutions, diagnostic equipment information and management systems, and “under-car” shop implements.

Our History

 In 1920, Snap-on started with an idea that revolutionized professional tool sets across the industry. Joseph Johnson and William Seidemann pioneered the idea of taking five handles of different configurations and ten sockets of varying dimensions and fashioning them to “Snap-on” to each other interchangeably. The concept of “Five Do the Work of Fifty” was just the start of our relentless determination to be the best, providing practical, original and inventive solutions to the professionals we serve.

Snap-on Today

True to Our Values

After a century of business, Snap-on has evolved into a modern company, but our dedication to innovation remains as strong as it was in 1920. Even today, our research never stops. Product development remains a top priority, and so does our loyalty to our customers. In fact, many of our products are a direct result of technician input. Our customers have learned to look to us to provide them with the exact solutions they need.

We never forget where we came from and why we do what we do. Our job is to deliver confidence to those performing work of consequence where second best is not an option. Year after year, we continue to give our customers the tools they need to succeed.

The Snap-on Difference

Today, the principal value-creating mechanism for Snap-on is our ability to understand work and to transform resulting insights into new and better solutions for customers. We do this by:

Observing the work being done by the end-user in the workplace

Applying those observations to conceive and create new ideas

Taking raw materials into our plants and applying our engineering expertise to build new products

Delivering those solutions directly into the hands of the end-user

This vertical integration and unique touch with customers in their place of work is what differentiates Snap-on from many other manufacturers.

Snap-on in the Future

From the beginning, we have made ourselves invaluable to our customers. Generations of professionals respect and trust our tools, and we continue to earn new business from professionals who recognize the sense of pride and dignity that comes with our products. Go into just about any professional shop and you’ll see Snap-on tools and storage units proudly displayed. We have been driven by innovation since 1920, and innovation continues to fuel our future.

Our Legacy of Innovation

Snap-on has been an innovator since the beginning. For a century, our iconic brand has represented a broad array of unique productivity solutions – tools, equipment, diagnostics, repair information and systems solution. The professionals who make their living using Snap-on tools rely on us to keep providing what they need, and we will always deliver.

Whether it’s our hand tools that perform under the most rigorous conditions, diagnostic equipment that is easy to use, or tool storage solutions that utilize every square inch of workspace, innovation is a quality found throughout our product line. Snap-on Incorporated and subsidiaries currently hold more than 2,300 active and pending patents worldwide. At Snap-on, there’s no such thing as sitting still.

Military & Defense

When the United States and its allies need a tool provider they can trust when in harm’s way, they turn to Snap-on. For 100 years, Snap-on’s industry leading assortment of products has supported all levels of military operations and government agencies. Whether by land, sea or air, when the mission is critical, Snap-on is ready to serve.

Aviation & Aerospace

If it flies, Snap-on helps clear it for takeoff. Snap-on has the experience and capabilities to tackle both the manufacture and repair of small private airplanes, military helicopters, the most advanced commercial jets, or even the latest space rockets. These capabilities have grown over the years to include FOD (foreign object damage) prevention, tool control, tool accountability, lean process design and safety. Offerings range from hand and power tools, to torque and precision, to structure tools from drilling to riveting


At Gulf Calibration Service (GCS), we are dedicated to providing our clients with world-class calibration, testing, repair, and inspection services for their test, measurement, and control equipment.

Our Calibration Services offer accredited calibration, traceable calibration, verification, and adjustment for high accuracy and advanced measuring equipment. We provide reliable and efficient testing services to keep your equipment functioning at optimal levels.

If you require calibration on your site, our On-Site Calibration Services can accommodate your needs, ensuring there will be minimal production shutdowns. We will travel to your location to perform calibration services for equipment that is too large or sensitive to be shipped.

We also provide Training Services, which include a variety of training courses in Calibration, Uncertainty, Quality, and more. These courses are designed to help learners gain new knowledge and skills to enhance their abilities and increase their value in the workplace.

Furthermore, GCS has the capability to perform highly advanced repairs on measuring equipment. Our team is an Authorized Service Provider for many well-known manufacturers around the world, ensuring that your equipment is in the most capable hands.

At GCS, we are committed to continuous improvement, delivering exceptional services to our clients. Our team of experts is dedicated to finding innovative solutions for all your calibration, testing, repair and inspection needs.

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